Do people find your videos? Are they watching? Are they gaining valuable contents from you?

Do they know what you offer? Do you know how to use YouTube to drive more leads to your online business? Does your audience feel like they want to watch more of your videos and subscribe to your YouTube channel?

Or maybe you’re experiencing the worst — nobody can see your videos at all!

No views. No watch time. No growth. No leads.


Let’s face it, there are lots of contents on YouTube. So how can you make sure that your videos are found? How will you stand out from the crowd?

The keys are the 7 C’s of YouTube. I know that’s long but I’ll give you two here:

Cause. Why are you recording videos? Why are you on YouTube anyway? What’s your goal? What are you hoping to achieve and who it is that you’re talking to? That’s very important to know before moving forward with your channel.

Commitment. If you’re serious about being successful in YouTube, make sure that you give your time, talent, and treasure. This is no joke! No matter what happens, stick to your schedule. Do what it is that you promised yourself you’ll do.

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