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10 Steps to Earn Online as a Topnotch Virtual Assistant

How to Start a Virtual Assistant Business
How to Start a Virtual Assistant Business

About The Book

This book represents a career-long process of developing, testing, and the combination of ideas used by successful freelancers today. 

First, it is written for ‘doers’. It’s clear, straight to the point, and there’s a call to action at the end of every chapter. It takes what seem to be complex ideas and distills them into something more implementable.

Second, it’s a book written by someone who’s been there and done it. And while it’s sometimes hard to synthesize years of experience into actionable steps, it is readable and practical in approach.

Third, and as I mentioned above, it is a book that sets you up with the right foundation and mindsets to have as you start your freelancing journey. What Cons has produced is a framework for starting and developing your freelance business from the ground up minus the guesswork.

In essence, it’s your ticket to freedom through freelancing.

What Connie has produced is a framework for starting and developing your freelance business from the ground up minus the guesswork.

– John Pagulayan



How to Start a Virtual Assistant Business

What’s inside


Chapter 1

Visioning: What is Your What and Why


Chapter 2

Assessing Your Situation: Know Yourself And Be Accountable


Chapter 3

Branding Your Business: How To Position Yourself As A Virtual Assistant


Chapter 4

Unlearning: What Is A Virtual Assistant — Really?


Chapter 5

Setting Up


Chapter 6

Investing: Maximize Your Available Resources


Chapter 7

Navigating The Web:
Attract Clients


Chapter 8

Engaging With Your Ideal Clients: The Game Plan


Chapter 9

Showing Up: Application and Habit Formation


Chapter 10

Systematizing Your Business

Chapter 1

A lot of people ask me how to start working from home or how to be a virtual assistant. I usually don’t give them an answer. Instead, I ask them this question: “Why do you ask?” The most common reason they give me is that they wanted to have an additional source of income. 

Let me warn you, though. If your reason is the same as them, you won’t probably be able to reach the end of this book. Just looking for extra money won’t cut it, because if you found another way to earn that additional amount, you’ll forget about this book instantly.

Know that this was NOT written just for you to read. You’ll need to think, ask, and take action. This book will take you out of your comfort zone. If your “WHY” is not that deep, you’ll give up easily.

If your why won’t push you to move, you will not reach the end. If your why won’t make you excited to get up every morning, then I’m afraid this book is of no use to you.Yes, it’s not the “how” but the “why”.

The “how” can be learned from others but only YOU will be able to come up with the reason why you want to do it.Now, let me ask you again. Aside from having an extra source of income, why are you interested in working from home?

If you’re having a hard time answering, let me share mine with you. They’re really simple, but it’s not just the statement but the story behind it.

1. I want time freedom.

I remember one time when I was still employed.

An unexpected opportunity came knocking at my door. I was given an all-expense-paid trip to another country with my daughter. I know the possibility was low but I still asked the company I worked for if I can have 25-day vacation, and I am sure you know what happened next. One of my coworkers even thought I was looking for another job.


You probably know now why my first reason is to have time freedom. It’s because I want to travel when I needed or when I wanted to. Attending an event won’t be a problem too. I can go on vacation and bond with my family anytime, and I can serve my church and community whenever I need to. I want to do whatever I want, whenever I want without securing an approval from a boss or supervisor. I want to own my time. 

2. I can’t tolerate office politics. 

Office politics is something I am NOT really fond of. I can’t even remember how many times I fell victim to one. It’s so hard to move. I need to be extra careful of what I say or do because I do not know who are being real or not among the people around me.

3. The daily commute tires and stresses me to the core.This might really be too simple a reason for some but not for me. When I was employed, traveling to and from the office took four hours. It was tiring but there was a time when I just got used to it.Until that one point in my life.Remember my story about tropical storm Ketsana (Ondoy)?

That time, I really pitied myself for looking like a piece of meat for sale on a truck. But what can I do? There was no other way to cross the waist-high flood. I was thankful to the truck driver but deep inside I knew that I’ve had enough.These are my top three whys.

I hope sharing these with you would help you in determining “why” you want to work from home.Now that you’ve identified your “why”, let me guide you in creating something that will remind you why you chose to work from home.One way is to make a vision board. Vision boards are like your family’s picture that you put in your wallet to remind you of them. Alright, I think that’s quite old school but did you get the drift? You can also think of it as wallpaper on your mobile phones if that would make it easier. 

Creating a vision board is simple.You just need to look for photos or images in magazines that represent the things you like to achieve. It could be a picture of your dream home or a car you want to have. You can also have the images printed out if you don’t like cutting photos from books or magazines.It also doesn’t need to be just photos.

It could also be words or just anything that reminds you of your goals. Then, paste those pictures on a board (i.e., cardboard) and hang them in an area where you can see them every day.I highly encourage you to do this so that when you wake up and start your day, you are always reminded of what you want to achieve and why you do what you do. 


 Why am I interested in working from home? What is my BIG why? Watch this video:

 What am I hoping to get when I start working from home?

 What do I want to achieve? What are my goals?



In a simple and easy to follow how-to guide, Connie shares 10 bite-sized chapters and guide questions to help you:

1. Create your online profile based on your personality and what you already know
2. Qualify clients instead of them qualifying you
3. Make money online without subscribing to any online freelancing platforms
4. Learn how to market your virtual assistant business without pitching
5. Systematize your freelancing business and avoid the “feast and famine” cycle

When you finish this book, you’ll know the best ways to earn online as a topnotch virtual assistant, build a thriving online business, have a consistent online income, and get the time freedom you always wanted.

How to Start a Virtual Assistant Business

Connie's book brings the profession into a new level – a business!

In the process of reading the book, one will know whether or not this profession is for you.
It’ll bring you out from your wonder years about the virtual profession, and a self-discovery of a great career possibilities for you!
The world becomes your career marketplace -- from home!"

Vki Chua

I love how detailed this book is! The steps needed to start freelancing are simply outlined yet very doable. Connie really shared all her knowledge in a systematized order. I have read and applied some of the steps that I have skipped in building a better freelancing career... and I must say that it works!

Karina Husana

Not preachy nor pushy. I love how Connie shares her personal story while introducing the basics one should know when it comes to starting an online business. Totally recommended for those who've been wanting to start freelancing without feeling overwhelmed. Don't turn that page without answering the check ins at the end of each chapter!

Ice Santos-Rabi

An excellent book that will help you make sense of the freelancing world. Each chapter is presented chronologically and will not overwhelm the reader. No matter how experienced you are with freelancing or whether this is your first venture, this book will give you the right foundation and mindset needed to run your business.

Aileen Ferrer

In each "step," she also generously shares her own personal experiences (struggles included!) and insights when she was just starting out. This, for me, makes it more encouraging for anyone reading the book to press on despite the challenges they may encounter along the way. Just the right kind of motivation you need -- if Connie was able to achieve success in her freelance business through her proven strategies, so can you!

Belle Prado

How to Start a Virtual Assistant Business

About the author.

Connie Zabala


She is a YouTube content creator and one of the voices behind the Freelancing with Faith podcast, a channel where she shares tips on how to start and scale freelancing business with God as “the real boss.”

She started her virtual assistant journey in 2011 after “retiring” from the corporate world where she was an employee in different industries for 10 years. Her exposure to different types of online skills made her realized that ANYONE can do what she is doing. Thus, the creation of this book.

Connie Zabala

How to Start Your Virtual Assistant Business

10 Steps to Earn Online as a Topnotch Virtual Assistant

How to Start a Virtual Assistant Business