Are Your Videos on YouTube?

If you’re having challenges in optimizing and monetizing your video content, let’s talk!

Connie Zabala

The Process

There will be a 3-step process to start a project.



Let’s talk about your business and goals.



Create a plan that will help reach your goals.



Have an agreement and implement.

Our Services


Content. Time.  Consistency.

These are the top three challenges you’re facing right now as a YouTube content creator. Whether you know what to do but don’t have the time or you simply want to focus on your “zone of genius”, we are here for you! 😉


YouTube Organic Strategies
Video Editing


Time and Style.

Whether you don’t have enough time to do it yourself or would prefer others to do it for you, let us help you make professional-looking videos. You don’t have to do it alone. 😉

Happy Clients

Years in Business


What Clients Say

“Connie and her team did a fabulous job for me, getting my YouTube channel up to date, SEO friendly, and got my branding into play. I knew my videos would be professionally edited and scheduled every week, as planned, with little to no requirements for input by me. All of her work was always timely and professional. She was an asset to my business. “

Terri S.

Terri S.

“I’ve worked with a lot of freelancers over the years — Connie is one of the best. She was the most expensive bid for my project, but her bid was extremely detailed — she spelled out exactly what she planned to do, which let me know she understood my project. I didn’t spend more time explaining. Thanks for being so thorough and professional!”

Renae G.

Renae G.