How to Build a Successful Consulting Business

Connie Zabala

How to Build a Successful Consulting Business?

You might be surprised (or probably not) to hear that anyone can create their own consulting business.


Because it all starts with your experience, with your story, with your knowledge, with reaching your goals.

The main problem while others do not succeed in their consulting business is because they don’t ask for payment.

While it is good to help others for free, you must also think that this is business. And those people who are serious in achieving that success are willing to pay the price.

Here are some important notes to remember:

1. Don’t be a non-profit consultant.

I repeat, do not undervalue yourself. If you’ve become successful in your business doing some things that you understand thoroughly, ask clients to pay you.

They are not clients if they don’t pay.

Go out and close that first deal.

2. Acquire the right positioning.

What do I mean by that? Simple.

You must be sure that when your target clients have problems, you are the first person they come to for solutions.

Do not let them come to others. When they encounter situations you can help them with, make sure that you are there.

3. Have that level of confidence where you can already tell your clients “Do this and this will work!”

There are different categories of consultation.

First, you tell clients to try something. This level is a testing stage. A situation where you are still experimenting and trying to achieve a goal you have set.

The second one is that level which you give advice to others because you know that other people have become successful by doing it.

It has that proven result already.

The third and the final one, is that level which you can confidently say to clients, “Do this and this will work!”

Having reached that level means you are putting everything you know about business on the line. It’s like that phrase called “money-back guarantee” you usually see from a particular product or service.

There are many tips you can read from different people with different experience. But the most important thing to remember is start implementing what you learn.

One thing is for sure in business. If you don’t implement and follow what needs to be done, you are sure to fail.

No advice will work if you don’t start to actually do what is being said by these experts.

Go and implement what you learn.

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