7 Myths You Must’ve Heard About Virtual Assistants

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7 Myths You Must’ve Heard About Virtual Assistants

Like I said before, Virtual Assistant, also known as VA, is a person who provides different services online. They help fellow entrepreneurs with their businesses, most especially with their online visibility.

Although VA is becoming popular these days, some are still doubtful about it. Some are thinking to be one but not sure if it’s the right thing to do.

Today, let’s be clear about things we knew and heard about VA’s. Here are 7 Myths You Must’ve Heard About Virtual Assistants.

1. A Virtual Assistant is only an “assistant or secretary” to a boss or owner of a company.

This is not true! First of all, there are many things you can do online. Some tasks involve social media marketing or managing, video editing or creation. There are also into graphics designing, article writing, transcriptions, and many more. Although being a secretary to a client can also be part of a VA’s responsibility, that is not only thing he/she can do.

… and the opportunities online are endless.

2. It’s for women only.

This is not so. I have male friends who do VA tasks. Some of them are copywriters, graphic designers and video editors. The main reason that most of VAs are women is because they are moms who prefer to work from home so they can also take care of their kids. But it doesn’t mean that being a VA is only good for women. Men will always have a space in the virtual assistant world.

So if you’re a man, you are much welcome! 😉

3. You have Internet and that’s enough.

If you want to have a long-term VA business, having an internet connection will not be enough. You have to invest and have your own computer, whether it’s a desktop or laptop. Using your mobile phones is only a temporary solution. It’s not advisable to use only a phone if you’re planning to become a successful VA in the long run.

4. It’s an easy-money business.

Definitely not true. This is not a get-rich quick scheme type of business. And I doubt that there is such a thing. Have you found a successful business that didn’t need a lot of effort?

Like any other business, building your own VA business is challenging but in the end, it will be worth it. And if you’re on the right track, it is possible to build a sustaining, profitable and successful VA business.

5. You need to be a “techie” person before you can start becoming a VA.

Another myth. Who says you have to know codes, or a lot of apps or software before you can be a VA? The truth is, you’re good to go even if you only know how to respond to an email, and Facebook is the only social media you’re familiar with.

The key here is for you to always have the willingness to learn. You should be resourceful enough as well. After all, more than 10 years ago, most of us didn’t know what Facebook is. Now, you and I know what it is. And how did we learn? By having the willingness to learn and adjust to technology.

6. You need to be an excellent English communicator.

I’m not an excellent English speaker or writer. Some of you are even better than I am and I don’t mind. And I’ve been in a VA business for more than five years now. If I thought that way a long time ago while I was beginning, then I would’ve given up. Having an excellent English communication skills is not a must. Unless you’re a writer or in any other related responsibilities.

Here’s the last but not the least myth …

7. training is not important.

Whether you choose to build your VA business with a mentor or not, training is the most crucial thing you need to have to become successful. I’m not saying that you should spend 4 years in school again. What I’m suggesting is, you have to be ready to learn. There will always be new things (apps or other tasks) to discover and learn, and they are not taught in school.

There you go. Hope that things are a lot clearer to you now.

Have you thought or heard something you’re not sure if it’s true or not? Share and let me know.

Thanks for reading!

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