5 Valuable Reasons Why Choose YouTube

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5 Valuable Reasons Why Choose YouTube

Now that you know how important videos are to your business, it’s time to think about where you should publish your videos. There are many sites available today that host videos in public. Some of them are Vimeo, Dailymotion, Metacafe, Vevo, Zippcast and many more. Other people might prefer these sites rather than YouTube, depending on their needs. But take note though that YouTube has been there for many years. And it continuously makes improvements to meet our needs.

Here are the top 5 valuable reasons I’ve learned why you should still choose YouTube when it comes to sharing your videos.

1. YouTube is the Google of videos.

We know for a fact that Google is the most used search engine. And since Google owns YouTube, that’s enough reason to consider being visible in YouTube.

2. One of leading channel-based websites.

Like I mentioned above, there are many channel-based websites available on the internet. But all these years, YouTube is still leading. It’s very easy to create a YouTube account. In fact, all you need is a Gmail address and you’re good.

3. Millions of viewers per day.

There’s no specific number for this, because it changes every time. But YouTube is still ahead when it comes to hosting videos. And as a business owner, you must get that views as well, even just a little percentage of it will help.

4. FREE marketing.

Who doesn’t want a free marketing? When you upload videos to YouTube, you can easily add your links and increase traffic to your website. Have a YouTube video helps in driving more visitors to your website.

5. One of the major tools for online marketing strategies.

There are many available tools online. That’s a fact. But YouTube can help with your advertising and other promotions without spending a dime. YouTube can be integrated with most apps available online.

There might have been better video hosting site than YouTube. However, because this has been existing for years, it is more applicable and compatible to use with almost every website or any app that you want to use for your business. As you can see in my homepage, the video that automatically plays (only when you’re using desktop PC or Mac) is a YouTube embedded video.

If you need help with managing your YouTube channel, let’s talk. I will be glad to help you out.

Thanks for reading.

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