3 Keys to a Profitable Podcast

Connie Zabala3 Keys to a Profitable Podcast

You are now convinced to start a podcast.

You have learned the important questions to ask yourself first before starting a podcast.

You believe you’re ready.

Now, it’s time to know how podcasts can be profitable to your business.

The question is, how can you monetize your podcasts?

A fellow online entrepreneur who has reached the peak of her business through podcasting shares the following information.

Just be reminded that before you do podcasting, you already spent serious time planning on everything such as how to go about the entire show, how to promote it and so on.

Yes, at first, it’s all about giving. But remember that by giving valuable information, you are building trust with your audience, with your target market.

Be sure to do your podcasting regularly and really commit to it.

And with the following 3 Keys to a Profitable Podcast, you are on your way to success.

Key #1: Message

You absolutely have to focus on solving a problem that your target audience recognizes they have and that is what they actively search a solution for.

Make sure to be present to where they are looking.

Always, always, and always give valuable information to your right market.

Key #2: Market

The more specific and targeted your market is, the better it is for your business.

You need to talk to a clear audience – meaning to your exact target market. You are not just referring to the general audience.

You want to have this delicate balance between a big enough pizza and then get to a narrow enough slice of a slice.

Meaning, you have a big enough topic to generate ongoing content. But you are more focused to resonate with people emotionally and cognitively as well.

Key #3: Money

Podcasting isn’t free, so you need to budget to be able to start one. You need to use your money very wisely.

You also need to manage your time because time IS money.

Start to delegate, as much as possible. Make sure that you maximize every money and time you have.

Remember these 3 keys as they play important roles in podcasting.

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