What Is Your Voice? I Just Found Out Mine

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What Is Your Voice? I Just Found Out Mine

This another blogging challenge that I’ve read. Jeff Goins, who initiated the challenge, invited us to know our voice. And here’s what I have to say.

All of us have our own voice. Not the sound that’s coming out from your mouth, but the voice of how you interact with people, especially through writing. I know, not all of us is a writer. I am not, either. Believe me. I’m just sharing my thoughts.

Since we communicate with other people, we still have our unique voice. How we interact. How we express our thoughts. How we bring up the words. As for me, my voice is just plain conversational, nothing else. If you read my posts, you will see that my way of communicating is as if I am talking to you in person. My words are simple, no jargon. Who needs it anyway?

A friend of mine said that my writing is simple, clean and easy to understand. And I agree. What you see in this site is 100% of who I am – no pretensions. And that’s what we should all be.

Now, how do you find your voice? Based on what I’ve learned from Jeff, these are the following:

a. Take a look at yourself. How do you describe yourself? How do you talk to people? Do you make jokes all the time or you’re always serious? What do you feel when you write or converse with people?

b. Take the side of your audience. Who are your best listeners or in this case, your readers? Read your own writing or listen to you own talk (if you give one). Do you like what you see or hear?

c. Take time to review the articles or blogs that you read. What type of voice that the author is giving you? Do you think you and the author have some similarities? Would you like to adopt that type of voice as well or prefer the opposite?

d. Check the people you follow. People who influence you in a big way. It can be someone who mentored you directly or indirectly. Do you want to emulate how they talk to their audience?

e. Be gracious, be bad, be good. These words are not mine. I’ve learned these from a speaker a few years ago during a creative writing seminar. Would you believe it? Yes. I did attend a writing seminar. The result? I discovered that writing is not really my passion. It’s not something that I want to do for someone. I only write for me, in my own way. Just typing in my thoughts. Anyway, back to my topic. Those six words only mean “Be yourself!Have fun. Don’t be afraid to fail. But also keep in mind to share valuable information to readers.

I think that’s it. Now, you understand better why I write the way I write. These are mere reflections or opinions that I want to share the world. I hope, though, that you’ve learned something from me and had a better understanding on what your voice will be.

Just don’t forget, your writing should not be something that burdens you. Don’t think what other people say. Just write how you want it.

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