The Old Way of Growing Your Business

Connie Zabala

The Old Way of Growing Your Business

Due to many technologies surfacing in today’s world, some people thought that using the old way to grow your business is not that effective anymore.

But it’s not true.

Don’t get me wrong. Using the latest technology (e.g. internet and social media) is a great way. But we shouldn’t forget how businesses thrive for years without it … yet.

So what is the old way to grow your business?

It’s simple. It’s what we call “word of mouth.”

But it’s not just about telling people your business. It’s giving your best and over-delivering to people.

It’s building great relationships.

Because when people witness how great you are, they automatically spread the word without you asking for it.

There are business owners who are technically challenged, so they prefer to do it the old way. And they are good at it.

They made great relationships with other people. And sometimes the people they connect with are the ones who would like to help in their business.

Let me share with you a story of a former sports enthusiast who decided to build his own business. Until now, it was hard for him to use today’s technology.

But because he is passionate enough to help to others, he did a one-on-one coaching with them. He likes to keep things very strict and controlled to make sure that these people don’t get hurt. He’s into a physical fitness business.

When he’s not with them, he continues to send texts, to guide them with their eating habits and things like that. He believes that it’s a big and important part of a trainer – to practice accountability and availability.

It’s how he started to grow his business.

Being an upbeat and positive person as he is, people tend to remember him. It came to a point that somebody gave him an idea about doing a show and said that he’s the perfect fit.

Although he is still as not active as he should be in the social media today, people in his local area knew about him and his business started to grow that gave him enough clients.

But he also knew that he needs to maximize technology and reach out to people in many places. He might not be familiar with the technology yet, but he can now have someone who’s good at it and make his business even better.

Who says that the old way doesn’t work anymore? Think again.

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