Methods to Drive Traffic to Your Webinars

Connie Zabala

Methods to Drive Traffic to Your Webinars

You’ve decided to have that webinar. You’ve prepared your topic and even created the slides.

You’ve checked your laptop and probably done some technical testing as well.

Now, how are you going to let the people know about it?

There are many ways.

Below are some effective ways that you must consider:

1. Emails.

It could be your email list, if you have one already, or it could be the email addresses you have on your contacts list.

You can also create an opt in page or form while promoting the webinar to capture the email addresses of people who are interested. Start sending email messages from there and don’t forget to remind them when the webinar is near.

Of course, you have to inform them a few days or weeks prior to the webinar day itself. It will help them decide and block their schedule to attend your webinar.

2. Advertising.

This does not mean expensive advertising. Boost posting on Facebook can already reach thousands of people.

You might want to start with that.

3. Referrals.

Inform all the people you know especially those who have large set of networks that can relate to your business. The more you can reach out, the better.

Expect that you will hear from one of your audience that he/she heard about your webinar from a friend that you don’t know.

Referrals do not end with the people you know. It connects to the people that the people you know, know.

4. Facebook and other social media.

This is, most probably, the fastest way to share your webinar.


Anyone who can see your post can also share it to anyone and the cycle goes on.

There are many social media networks available in the internet. Maximize them.

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