4 Important Reasons Why You Must Use Videos for Your Business

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4 Important Reasons Why You Must Use Videos for Your Business

In order to thrive in your online business, sharing information through videos is highly recommended. But sometimes, you are still clueless when it comes to the actual reasons. You just do it. Maybe it’s not that important, but maybe it is. Either way, let me share with you what I realized based on my experience and the research I’ve done in the past.

a. 65% of people are visual.

That’s more than half. Graphics or images can be part of the visual. But make it move, and it will be more attractive and catchy to the eyes of people.

b. Videos can attract more visitors to your website.

People are easily drawn to videos. Facebook already knew that. It’s one of the reasons why they even make it a default to play any videos appearing in your newsfeed as you scroll the page, even if the sound is muted.

c. It is the easier way to explain your product or service.

If your product or service needs more explanation for people to understand better, making a video is the easier way to do it. You cannot go wrong with a video explainer. Creating it can reach many people as far as around the globe, not just in your local area.

d. It leaves a lasting impression on your audience.

Let’s admit it. When you saw a video and you enjoyed it very much, what do you usually do next? You share it, right? You want people to enjoy it as well. It’s a given. People can’t help but share interesting videos to others. That’s the kind of impression you want people to remember. Hope you agree with me.

A few years ago, video is just optional. Now it’s a must. Start creating your videos now and use it to grow your business, to grow your market.

If you need help with your videos, contact me. I will be glad to help you out.

Thanks for reading.

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