3 Lessons to Remember in Entrepreneurship

Connie Zabala

3 Lessons to Remember in Entrepreneurship

People always wanted to do many things.

Whether personal or professional, we love doing different things. But it changes overtime since not everything we want to do, we can always do.

Let’s take boxing as an example. Although a person can always be passionate about it, it cannot be the only thing he/she could do.

Here a story of someone who’s been really great in boxing in a foreign country. During his time, he was known as one of the boxing champions. If it were up to him, he knows he can do boxing forever.

But he also knew he has to move forward.

He decided to build a business of his own. But he didn’t need to forget boxing and make a 180-degree turn. His business is about physical fitness and he’s been coaching others on how to get fit.

He continues to apply some of the lessons he learned during his boxing days to the entrepreneur ring. Some of the lessons he learned are below.

1. Preparation is everything.

You have to prepare for the good and you have to prepare for the bad. There are days when you’re going to feel like, “Hey, this is awesome. Things are going great.”

And there are days that you’re going to feel it’s not that cheeky anymore. It is always best that you’re ready.

I repeat. Prepare for the good AND the bad.

2. Believe in yourself.

A lot of people don’t believe in themselves. In all areas of life, you have to believe in yourself first before you convince others to believe in you.

It is the same way in business. Have a mindset that you’re going to succeed. As long as you’re taking the necessary steps to make it happen, then it’s definitely going to happen for you.

3. Be committed.

As you go deeper into the entrepreneur world, there will always be times when you feel like giving up and stop doing what you do just because.

Commitment is important in order to overcome challenges in building your business. Commitment is a key to move towards success.

Whatever you want to pursue in life, apply above lessons and you are on your way to victory. As the saying goes, “you can accomplish anything if you put your mind into it.”

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