3 Important Things to Know When Starting Your Blog

Are you just starting with your blog? Same here. Although I’ve been doing business online for more than four years already, I don’t blog regularly and share things online. I have been busy doing things virtually and personally. But now, I promised myself that I will blog regularly. Not just for the sake of blogging, but so that I will be able to share things that are worth sharing. Let’s just say that I am keeping an open book journal here. I believe that everything we learn in life is worth sharing. So here’s my first.

I committed myself to a 21-day blogging challenge that is led by Jeff Goins. I didn’t know about it until a fellow mom shared it in a Facebook group. I thought that maybe this time, I can commit. Even if I am late, I know I can still make it. I’m still on my Day 2 but I will try to catch up because I really want to overcome this challenge.

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3 Important Things to Know When Starting Your Blog

Today, Jeff discussed about the three important things to know when making a blog – knowing the subject, theme and objective. All your future blogs will be around these three main points. Let me describe these three things for you.

SUBJECT. It is the very thing that you are passionate about whether you’re an expert already or something that you really want to learn and achieve in life. It is something that drives you every day, something that you will never get tired of discussing.

Let me give you my target subjects. There are top 3 things that I really want to discuss about because it affects my entire life, both professionally and personally. In the future blog posts, you will hear from me talking about virtual assistance or online businesses, financial literacy and some sort of reflections in life.

THEME. This is more specific than the subject. If you are fond of writing, you will have to make it more detailed. What type of writing do you want to talk about? How would you approach your writing? Should it be something funny or serious or just plain, practical lessons?

My theme for virtual assistance subject will be concentrating from the basics like definition of terms up to creating some tutorials that will help people in succeeding a virtual assistant business.

OBJECTIVE. What is your goal in blogging? Creating goals is a very broad topic. But in this case, you will need to focus on your personal goal. Why are blogging? What do you want to achieve?

As for me, my main objective is to consistently practice writing and build many tutorials or videos that will serve as my portfolio which I can show to my clients. I’m hoping too that I will be able to inspire my fellow virtual assistants to continue achieving the success that they really want to achieve despite the trials along the way.

There you go. I hope that you have a better understanding about blogging because of these three important things to remember.

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